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Top 5!

2011-10-05 07:45:59 by stephenstripling

Thanks everybody for voting positively on my song, Eternal Love. This is my first top 5, so I'm pretty excited. Thank you God for allowing me to get this, couldn't have done it without you!


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2011-10-13 14:55:11

you deserve it!

stephenstripling responds:



2011-10-16 08:11:17

I love your song Eternal love and is the name to do with God's eternal love for us?

stephenstripling responds:

Yes it is, check out the description. Thanks!


2011-11-19 10:00:26

i listen to that song ewery day and i'm gonna make an awsome animation with the ryth of the song :3

stephenstripling responds:

Feel free to! Glad you like it!