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Goodbye, Newgrounds!

Posted by stephenstripling - February 18th, 2014

I've been on Newgrounds for over 5 years now, and the audio portal just isn't the same as it used to be since the most recent updates to this site. For this reason, I'm going to stop posting on Newgrounds and continue focusing my efforts elsewhere, such as SoundCloud, YouTube, FaceBook, and Twitter. You can check out my pages at the links below. Thanks for good years, Newgrounds, but until further notice...goodbye!

Like me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stephenstriplingmusic

Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/stephenjs

Subscribe to me on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/stephenstripling Follow me on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/stephen-stripling Download my music from NoiseTrade: http://www.noisetrade.com/stephenstripling Check out my Songeist: http://www.songeist.com/stephenstripling

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The evolution of a site is a silly reason to quit unless it impedes on your creativity. As an experienced user on a site (especially one with a community like NG) quitting because things are changing is completely nuts. More experienced users have a bit more clout and can only gain experience, and the more time you spend and more you contribute the more you can affect the future of the site.

NG listens to its users more than any other site I can think of, and it listens to its veterans even more so. I've been on NG for over 13 years, I've seen it go through good and bad times. But I've seen it get out of those ruts, so if something is bothering you, work to change it. On most sites complaints of the users fall on deaf ears, not the case on NG for most issues. It does take time to fix, but fixes do come, and they come quicker if users who have been loyal for a while start raising the flags.

Facebook changes its look and features with no need much to the chagrin of its userbase, and completly ignores the complaints, knowing that because of its clout it can get away with murder.

Twitter is twitter, nothing more needs to be said about the single worst idea on the internet.

On soundcloud you are just another guy, trying to get his music out. Just you and umpteen bajillion others, good luck getting unique exposure and not getting lost in the mass of unfiltered content. You arent that different on there from anyone else unfortunately. Ditto for the similar sites.

Youtube loves to throw crazy rules at its users out of the blue that will destroy content and creativity, and talk about content oversaturation...

Im not saying dont get yourself out there on those sites, the more exposure the better. But NG is a truly unique place with a tighter user base, and allows for a type of creative expression that none of those sites can touch. Would be a shame to drop another source of exposure as special as this one. Those 69 fans (at time of writing) are legit fans, they know your name, they actually like your stuff. They arent like fans of people on other sites, who just click like and 3 seconds later forgot what they just approved of. I've noticed fans on NG are true fans, you are their favorite for a reason, and I bet the majority of them listen to every new thing you produce and cant wait for more.

Dont let a good thing die.

I definitly see what you're saying man. But, there's pretty much no activity on my songs anymore, whereas before the new changes to the audio portal took effect, there was always lots of activity. I guess I just feel like I'm wasting my time these days.

We don't care.

Can I say I don't understand why you would, abandon Newgrounds... Or stop posting here. There is a difference between showcasing your work and being active in the community. There's no reason you shouldn't upload music here. Why not spread your work where ever you can? You never know where you'll find a fan.

King-Duckford sounds like one of those guys screaming on street corners heralding the apocalypse.

Or, you know, you can shift your primary focus to SoundCloud (which I recommend), Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.
Continue to upload to NG after you've uploaded to the other sites. It'll take less than 5 minutes to pull up the NG page, upload your music, and close the page.

Let's face it.
You're an upcoming artist.
You're gonna need alot of outlets.

(And wtf is Songeist)

Definitely a great point.

good luck man
@Kvelertak fuck u

I keep seeing people leave NG for similar reasons among others and I really dont get it....
I would still post here... because it's still coverage.
But... I'm not StephenStripling. So goodluck, buddy boy.

You gotta realize, you get what you put into a place. And the internet is changing into 'television on demand', not an interactive search like it used to be. That, coupled with what @ornery said, are the reasons why Newgrounds still holds up.. despite the lazy, feckless masses, that now use the internet, compared to just a few years ago.

Well.. it feels kind of dumb posting a reply considering this dude left until further notice. BUT
I think that its been particularly tough for NG to stay competitive on the Audio end of things, lets face it, the site caters to artists, animators, game developers.... all of those. Its insanely difficult to not only cater to all of those groups but do so at the same calibre of service as to places fixated on one genre alone. (Soundcloud obviously has no games, it has no animations it has no art). So its almost expected that NG probably isnt going to offer as much as other places do, and maybe that is our fault, maybe the whole everything by everyone genre did spread us out so far that its just too great of a stretch to be competitive with other services. Which is perfectly reasonable reason to leave i suppose... i mean i dont know exactly how much effort posting to soundcloud/twitter/whatever is but i dont think it was ever such an ordeal that you wouldnt take advantage of an extra portal to extend the reach of your work to?

I do agree that the update has made it a great deal more challenging on ALL portals to really give them the livelihood of yesteryear. Its a work in progress, i mean at the end of the day we're like a company of less than 10 people. Meanwhile places like facebook and soundcloud im sure probably have atleast more than 15 working to run the service so you can see how much of a challenge it is to stay competitive. I think some users are able to realize that about the service we run and tho we are far from perfect, there is a human touch element to things, and nobody is personally trying to screw anyone over.

Anyways continued success to you on facebook etc, im sure fake facebook likes have made eye-opening career changes in peoples sharing of content.

Good luck